Together we can make a difference

Participatory approach is our core value. Most of  the problems with which we deal with are too complex & challenging to be solved by us alone. It needs passion, commitment and a collective effort to transform the society. You can join us


We invite motivated young people as Interns in our organization Sahbhagi Vikas. This opportunity would help you to substantively contribute to and learn from our works. Play your part in helping the society to emerge as a developed society.

Come & join us.


Volunteering is one of the simplest & rewarding ways to support a cause you care about. We believe that we will achieve a great success if the community actively gets involved by volunteering us in our work. Volunteering with Sahbhagi Vikas allows you to bring about change at grassroots level.

You can’t buy time but you can give it.


Want to join our efforts, Make a Donation and take advantage of this great opportunity to impart your aid. Your donation will be deployed in helping us in our efforts. Even your small contribution will be invested in projects where it will make the biggest difference among the rural community. 

Please Come forward