Our key Interventions for the Prevention and response to Covid-19


      *Area covered –

              District – 01 – Simdega

              Blocks   – 03 – Jaldega, Simdega and Thethaitanger

              Villages -76

      *Organized  Awareness Meetings and Counseling Sessions

               Awareness and counseling sessions at Village, Panchayat and Block level for the vaccination and regular practice of precautionary

               measures such as Social Distancing,Use of face Masks,Use of Soap & Sanitizers,Prefer to Stay at Home,Contact Medical

               Dept. / Hospital as per the need.

      *Facilitated  Peoples to register themselves with Aarogya Setu App.

      *Distributed Dry Ration Kits to Needy, Poor & Helpless Families.

      *Distributed Blankets to needy identified Families.

      *Distributed Face Masks and Soaps in Community.

      *Coordinated Support in Ready Food Distribution through Didi Kitchen and Mukhiya Kitchen to Needy People

      *Support in Ration Distribution from PDS and MDM from Schools.

      *Counseled Returnee Migrant to stay at Quarantine Centers.

      *Linkages of Returnee migrant to MGNREGA Scheme.

      *Established Gramin Anaj Bank by the contribution of Villagers – 4 Village of Jaldega Block.

We coordinated with District administration and other institutes / donors for the fulfillment of above activities.